Oxfordshire Headteachers' Conference 2012 - Workshops

in 2012 by popular demand, we ran a choice of workshops for delegates on the afternoon of Thursday 22nd March. Delegates were able to choose their preferred workshop from a choice of five.






Workshop 1             Leader:  Jackie Beere


Collaborative Learning – a pathway to continuous improvement

This session will look at the dynamics of powerful collaborative learning through the work of Carol Dweck on ‘mindset’. For teachers and pupils collaborative learning has
never been more important as it leads to enterprise, creativity and resilience.
If we can achieve the right mindset and agree unconditional support for each
other's progress, the powerful synergy created when teams work effectively will
empower better learning in the classroom."




Workshop 2           Leader:  Kevin Jackson


Using Outdoor Learning to influence the staffroom

This workshop session will explore how you can use outdoor learning and the
techniques of reviewing / reflection to bring your staff team closer together.
Using some simple practical examples, we will look at how we can transfer
techniques used with your students into a staff development opportunity.




Workshop 3     Leader:  Rob Long


The Intrinsically Motivated Classroom”

How can schools motivate learners to learn? One of the most significant approaches has its roots in behavioural psychology. Through rewards and negative consequences many schools have sought to encourage appropriate learning behaviours and punish or
ignore unwanted behaviours. This approach made both scientific and intuitive
sense. Extrinsic motivation, “if you do x, I will give you y”, is still a powerful classroom motivator, but it has serious drawbacks, and can devalue what is learnt. However, the world has changed, and schools are not immune from the influences of social changes. Behavioural approaches now seem less relevant. Intrinsic motivation is concerned with promoting self-control, self-discipline and developing learners who are partners with teachers, not passive, controlled recipients. This workshop will consider theories of
motivation and practical strategies for class teachers.




Workshop 4    Leader:  Juliet Robertson


A place for learning outdoors in the curriculum

The benefits of taking learning outside are increasingly recognised in terms of
meeting children’s needs and improving their well-being. Developing school
grounds and outdoor spaces as can bring school communities together. Yet
increasingly there is a risk that we are are juggling more balls of expectation
and expense in the air through the addition of different outdoor initiatives.
In this workshop we will explore ways of bringing together ways of learning
outside through simple, curriculum-based approaches that can involve all
children within a school.




Workshop 5    Leader:  Mick Waters


Thriving in School
This workshop will explore the vital signs necessary for children to thrive in schools...and some of the things that schools can do about them.





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