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2015 Seminar Overviews:


1. Marcus Pickover & Michael Pearse,

Create, Shape, Curate. A creative curriculum in practice.


Reflecting on your curriculum? Interested in exploring other models?

This session will be of interest to you.


Ashmead School is a large combined school serving a mixed community in Aylesbury; this seminar is an opportunity to gain an insight into their well established creative curriculum. The session will contain rich visual resources and offer an insight into the methodology, planning and delivery of a model judged by Ofsted as outstanding.


Marcus and Michael are Co Head Teachers who have worked together for the past 10 years. The curriculum and the impact of different learning environments have remained central to their work throughout; in recent years they have enjoyed sharing aspects of their work with schools across the South East.



2. Christopher Shaw,

Pressure, resilience and space


Through simple techniques derived from Tai Chi, Christopher will show us how to activate our parasympathetic nervous system and allow ourselves some rest-and-digest" space.


When feeling under pressure our default response is “fight or flight”, our stress or sympathetic nervous system response.  Our stress response is a valid response to certain situations, unfortunately many of us are responding to everyday life in this way, this is inefficient and over time, without sufficient space to rest, we can develop serious health problems.


By concentrating on subtle sensations, physical movement and breath we can connect to a deeper place, release tensions of the day and build on our resources for the next.


Join Christopher for an insightful and fun look at how we respond to pressure and how we can create more space and resilience in our lives.



3. Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild,

Tech to Inspire


This seminar is an exploration of virtual worlds and visual literacy elements, and how they have had a huge impact on raising children’s confidence across the curriculum. It will show how to use and create relevant, engaging resources to motivate and enthuse children of all ages and abilities.



4. Tait Coles,

Punk Learning - Creating a culture of student ownership, freedom and democracy.


This active session will include looking at critique, SOLO Taxonomy and generating student designed questions.



5. Lizzy Lewis,

Introduction to Philosophy for Children (P4C)


This is an interactive workshop to find out more about this approach to learning and teaching. The workshop will introduce and model practical techniques for doing P4C in the classroom. There will be sample resources and further information about how you can use P4C to support the curriculum and how to introduce and sustain P4C in your school. 



6. Martin Smith

Learning Outdoors: Bringing learning to life in preparation for the real world.


Young people have never needed the outdoors and a range of real world learning experiences more than they do now! The outdoors is where much of the memorable learning takes place within a school setting. It can be an inspirational place for both young people and teachers, but do we really maximise these opportunities for the benefit of young people?


The seminar will explore why we need to take more of our learning beyond the classroom and look at both the key benefits and evidence for doing so as well as  the impact it can have on both progress and attainment. We may even put some of this into practice on a practical level!


Young people’s future lies in a rapidly changing world beyond the classroom, how well do we play our part in preparing them for it?



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