Seminar choices for Thursday 9 March

Jim Smith 

Lazy teaching - the laziest and most effective bits!

A quick guide to lazy teaching and see the benefits of:

  • naming pedagogy
  • quick thinking activities that work
  • not helping students when they are stuck


Duncan Bathgate

To learn is to create- not having, but being

In this seminar we will journey through a relam where meaning is created through communal discovery and heuristic exploration, in realistic contexts constructed with the children, not for the children.


Andrew Curran

Exploring behaviour in the classroom:  How can neurobiology help?

Just what does the learning brain need and what can you do to help?

What is going on between their ears when the learning doesn't seem to happen?

What is the truth about emotional intelligence, self-esteem and learning?

What is the neuroscience of underachievement? Is Ritalin the answer? Or simply better educated parents?


Alison Peacock

Headship without Limits

Dame Alison Peacock was a primary teacher for 14 years taking her school from shame to fame.  She is now the CEO of the newly formed Chartered College of Teaching.  Alison will talk humorously about the highs, lows and challenges of headship that centered relentlessly on 'finding a way through' for every child.


Mary Myatt

High challenge, low threat

In this seminar Mary looks at school improvement priorities, how these link to HCLT and how, through all of this we can keep it sane!


Tricia Pritchard

Thinking of becoming an academy and/or setting up a multi-academy trust?

This seminar is designed for those wanting to find iot more about converting to an academy and setting up a multi-academy trust and also for those who are looking to share and build upon lessons they have learned from becoming an academy.

Tricia will draw upon her experience to lead a workshop which will be informative and interactive.

The workshop will cover:

  • The academy conversion process
  • Seting up a multi-academy trust: what are the benefits?
  • Defining the vision and implementing a strategy.
  • Key factors influencing successful outcomes.
  • The challenges and the risks.
  • Establishing strong governance; defining roles and responsibilities within a new structure.
  • Managing the finances - what's different?
  • Implications for staff and the whole school community.
  • Why join or set up a multi-academy trust? What are the benefits?
  • Interdependence versus authonomy - can you have both?
  • Sustaining the momentum during a period of rapid change.
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